Happy New Year 2016

Wishing you all a very ‪Happy New Year!

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Time Is Running Out. Have You Made Your 2015 Year-End Donations Yet?

The clock is ticking, and it’s almost midnight. Maybe you’ve already given? Maybe you are stretched really thin this year and can’t afford it — that’s ok! But hear me out as I talk a little bit about tikkun olam, tzedakah, why charitable giving is important, and how I strategize and prioritize who I give to.

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Craft Beer Exploding Beer Bread

After our wedding, we had a few cans of craft beer left over. One afternoon they started to hiss and pop (as in — they were about to explode all over our apt) … what else was I to do but make 2 loaves of beer bread?! ☺👍🍻🍞 So, I did some quick thinking and made one loaf pumpkin chocolate chip, and one loaf honey wheat.

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Happy 5th Blogging Birthday!

This past Saturday marked 5 years since I started this blog.

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Remembering Leonard Nimoy

It is a sad day indeed to be a Trekkie. May Leonard Nimoy’s memory be a blessing, and may we all live long and prosper. . .

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Celebrating New Year’s with Mocha Java Chocolate Stout Cupcakes

Seriously — WHAT could be a better way to welcome in 2015 than with some chocolate, coffee, beer, and cake, all together, in one deliciously decadent sweet treat?! I really don’t think much of anything. It’s for realz a whole lot of my favorite foods all mushed together in one. :-)

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Couch to 5k Progress: Week Seven Recap

This is the 7th week (out of 9) of my “Couch to 5k” journey. I didn’t realize until Monday that all 3 runs during the 7th week were full running, but I made it! I even got a runners high on day three!! [. . .]

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